World Golf Tour – Real Golf Experience Online

World golf tour (WGT) is a famous online golf game wherein you can play golf like in the real scenario.  You will have the chance to play golf with your family and friends without spending money in paying for the facility and transportation cost. All you need is an internet connection and your PC and you’re ready go.

World Golf tour is designed to quench the cravings of many people to play the game but doesn’t have the time and money to do it. This is a free online game where you can experience playing like in a real golf course wherein the photos are virtually processed so it will appear like a real golf course on screens. You can opt to play individually or by fours and then you can also play for tournaments if you want to get prizes.

This new technology in golf sport is such an amazing one. Imagine yourself just sitting in your homes while playing an extremely challenging golf game for real.  This photorealistic technology is such a big contributor to this new found technology of gaming today.

The good thing about WGT is that it can be played for free. So you will have the true to life experience for free. So no more equipment needed just your mouse. You will not exert effort on it but you can just enter a skill and that will be your tool to play the game.  You can also use your knowledge and skill in the virtual game and apply it to the real game. And no more walking around the huge golf course just let your character in the game do the walking for you and enjoys watching the balls fly to the sky and wait for it to fall in the ground.

Another great thing about WGT is that this photorealistic technology that they are using allows you to see the real movements of the balls when they are hit and you will be able to calculate the degrees you are going to turn in order to create a perfect golf swing which in real game setting would not be possible. With the help of this technology many aspiring golfers will know the basics of golfing even without having formal lessons about it since WGT is the solution for it.

So what are you waiting for? Surf the internet now and find the best site that would give you the true to life golf experience.


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